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About Hair By Dice: Elevating Your Hair Game for a Decade

Welcome to Hair By Dice, where we’ve been crafting hair artistry for a full decade. Founded by Dice, we’re a black-owned, women-led establishment with a deep-seated passion for hair transformations that boost confidence and style.

As a dedicated wig specialist, Dice has painstakingly curated an array of styles, each reflecting our commitment to diversity and creative expression. But our journey doesn’t stop at installations; we’re thrilled to open our doors to classes, sharing the secrets of hair magic with enthusiasts and professionals alike.

We take pride in our role as a symbol of representation, celebrating the beauty of black entrepreneurship and female leadership within the beauty industry. At Hair By Dice, we’re not just working with hair; we’re crafting narratives, boosting self-assurance, and amplifying personal expression.

Join us in commemorating a decade of excellence, as we continue to weave dreams into reality, one strand at a time. Explore the universe of Hair By Dice, where hair transforms into art, and every individual’s distinctiveness is celebrated through every style we create.